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One more note: your problem is much more elementary than handling the database. Before writing data to the database you need to have a script accepting (decoding) the data obtained from the form.

Ladislav - thank you. It is apparent, that what afsanehsamim is missing is the basic knowledge of how webserver stuff works between the client and the server. Examples at are pretty straightforward. The only chance is to really create a simple example for him ...
Create 2 files. Call the first one e.g. cgi-test.html, and upload it to your server. The only thing you have to change is the link to your .cgi script in there:
<TITLE>Simple Web Form</TITLE>
<b>Simple Web Form</b><p>
Create a second file, called cgi-test.cgi (it has to align to how you name it in the above source file). Upload it to your cgi working directory. Remember to change the first line to contain the path, where your REBOL executable is placed:
#!/usr/local/bin/rebcmd -sqc
print join "Content-type: text/plain" newline
start: now/time/precise
submitted: decode-cgi read-cgi
values: construct submitted
prin "Submitted: " print mold submitted
prin "values: " print mold values
prin "values/field: " print mold values/field
print now/time/precise - start
print newline

Now go to your URL, and try to submit some values. You can test it on my site at:
but afsa, honestly - it does not even belong to the database group, but to Rebol School group - you seem to miss the basic understanding, of how CGI works on the server. Your problem is not in getting the value into DB, but handling CGI stuff in general. In above example, what you would put into your DB would be values/field ...

Thankyou so much ladislav and Pekr ... guys i  underestand whatever you said ... Pekr : you meant i should first decode values after that should values save in database? i have two files and both work properly! one html and another one is cgi ! i did your codes as well ... now plz tell me what is the next step ?  As i told you before i should save value in database  ,it is one part of my project !!!! :(  i did this link and i underestood ...
plz tell me decoding value is not related to saving data ?
then how can i save values ?
do you mean saving result to a file?
it is just a block, you can simple SAVE %file.r RESULT
no ...i mean saving values into database .
use a normal INSERT query.
insert db-port "INSERT INTO table (colA, colB) VALUES (1,2)"
insert db-port ["INSERT INTO table (colA, colB) VALUES (?,?)" 1 2]
Endo  values should get from form ,it is a big problem till now that no one could underestand ...
i did that query before but it is not working
how does it matter where the values come from? it is a totally different issue.
try reading
@Pekr: could you tell me after decoding values what is the next step?
i decoded my values which i got from the form! my cgi and html are working ,plz tell me what should i do?
afsa, did you succesfull echo back the decoded form values to the browser andreas told you before?
if so, you have to add your mysql connection parameters to your script., open a mysql port and do an sql insert to your table.
yes TomBon ,i did it ... but there are no values in my database.
can you post your insert command here?
insert db ["insert into data1(oneone,onetwo,onethree,twoone,twothree,threeone,threetwo,threethree) values(?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)" ]
i know it dose not have any value

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