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SQLite 4 has a new interface for low level storage engines like these, and a default one that's also faster than SQLite 3

LMDB for SQLite 4 is in the works too, it seems. I guess it remains to be seen if it will improve upon the built in implementation.

Pavel a public domain implementation compiles to about 25 kB. No problem with TCC compiler. using mmap partially sensitive for configuration parameters (page size and amount of cached space). This program doesnt store a data only pointers to them ie creating only indexes.
previosly mentioned LMDB was based on work  of Martin Hedenfalk original implementation needs be touched to be complilable under Windows, but it is worth to look at it. Append only DB

Cannot connect to MySQL 5x with Rebol/Command's official MySQL driver?
I get "Client does not support authentication protocol" even I use
"update user set Password=OLD_PASSWORD('password') WHERE User='username'; "
which should work.
So the only way is to use  ?

IIRC, the statically linked libmysql in the SDK is a 3.x version. You can use that MySQL driver version or you can write a binding to a newer libmysql client you wish. ;-)

  is this the place to talk about R3 ODBC ?
Seems as good as any to me.

Is there a newer version than 1.2.1 of the mysql-driver of Softinnov available? I tried to connect to MariaDB and got an error message
>> read mysql://localhost/mysql/test
** User Error: ERROR 1251 : Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MariaDB client
** Near: read mysql://localhost/mysql/test
You have the link to the newest version 4 messages above:

I've got two changes on mysql-protocol-41.r
the first one is a variable leakage:
-   read-packet: func [port [port!] /local packet-len pl status][
+   read-packet: func [port [port!] /local packet-len pl status tmp][
the second one I really don't remember what it does.. :
-               either find port/locals/capabilities 'protocol-41 [
-                   insert-query port data
-               ][
+               ; either find port/locals/capabilities 'protocol-41 [
+               ;   insert-query port data
+               ; ][
                    insert-all-queries port data
-               ]
+               ; ]

Is there any way to insert a NULL using parametrized query?
mysql: first open odbc://mydns
insert mysql "create temporary table t (a int)"
insert mysql "insert into t values (NULL)"  ; this works
insert mysql ["insert into t values (?)" none]  ; this doesn't
** Script Error: ODBC error: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Invalid string or buffer length
Hi Doc, is the mysql protocol R3 compatible ?
Protocol source is very clear, it looks like it might compatible with R3 or at least it can be with a little effort.
I'll get his to-sql function from the protocol source and use it to generate SQL of my parametrized query.

@Giuseppe I never tried, usually low-level port-related code is AFAIK, not compatible between Rebol2 and 3.

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