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I haven't touch MySQL since 7 years. From what I remember, it has to do with the access permissions table (`user` and `host` tables?).
Seems to. Maybe related to this :
"Combine dlo's answer with Darren Chamberlain's. The reason for this is that the special meaning that 'localhost' has in MySQL is that it signifies to use the local unix socket (mysql.sock) vs the TCP socket. This is why specifying as the host will get you in so that you can fix the situation; it signifies to the MySQL client to use the TCP socket."
Nop. Localhost or, same error result.
There's a table for giving permissions to (user, IP) couples, I think it is `host` or `hosts`, you should check that.
Yes. it's related. I use PLESK to manage the server, so I changed the "user" config to allow acces from any host (was only from localhost). No I get :
** User Error: ERROR 1045 : Access denied for user ''@'' (using password: NO)
** Near: p: open [scheme: 'mysql username: "user" password: "v6lvZ6&8" host: "" port-id: 3306 target: "adgo-cmde"]
OUPS, my bad. Its "user:" not "username:".
You should have an entry in that table for: "user" | "".
Need more investigations. I have exactly the same entry on this mysql server than another. But the other is older v5.5.49.
Anyway thanks for your help. You put me on the railways. Need to see where it goes now.
And I did my first PR on Github !!
I thought you did one on red/red already.
It was not merged AFAIR.
Sorry for my to quickly typed PR. It was meant to be "copy []" of course. But "make block! 1" does the same.
Oh my !  'copy does not work as it is redefine in the script. So "make block! 1" is the good solution.
Like Franck Dubosc said "I'm not in my plate" ;-)
Back to my initial problem. It is that "localhost" and "" are not the same for the mysql.user table.
And (dunno why), on this new server, when I try to connect to "localhost" with the user "user", it is converted to and this host "" is not in the mysql.user host column. There is only "localhost" values.
So the quick solution is to copy the "locahost" mysql.user entry with a host value of  "" and the connexion works.
But if I edit the user (there are managed by PLESK), all entries for it are removed and only the "localhost" one is put back. Do it again man.
So now the question : why is this "localhost" be converted to "" in between rebol and mysql. On the pretty same server I had before it does not do that.
If it's on Linux servers, try comparing the /etc/hosts files content.

Using on1 Photo RAW beta right now, talked to devs, they claim to use LevekDB from Google, claiming it is faster than SQLite (though highly unreliable and not prone to failures). However, reading Wikipedia articles, I found out about Lightning DB - seems nice:
I remember reading about it some time back. The licensing notes are interesting. Another example of people being surprised at how well simplicity works.

It would be interesting to port to Red, maybe first as a wrapper, then a fresh implementation in Red/System. So many DB choices these days.
Is SQL Lite usable on REBOL3 ?

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