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So it's a bit of a mystery. The forum indeed doesn't reflect it, but there also other reasons for that. It's been hard to register there for years, because we've had to block most common mail domains due to spam
It's also likely that Syllable is used most in places where people wouldn't easily come forward on an English forum
I guess that means most users are self sufficient
Could be. We think Syllable is still too hard to use, but maybe it isn't :-)
majority from Europe?
No, US, Russia, India, than many European countries. Of course, that way they're not added up, unlike the big continents
We see people taking two days to download at snail speed via BitTorrent. I imagine they're in Siberia or something. That's why the downloads need to be as small as possible
I wonder how most people come to it - if you search for compact/small Linux distributions, does it come up in the results? I would think most people looking to get something lightweight would look at linux, not some completely different OS
so you should make sure it's visible in those searches
From many places, I think. We have a decade of publications all over the web
We get hits from many of the same search phrases as Linux, since most of the same software is in Syllable, and we have an extra Linux system
I wonder if it can be hosted on glacier .. then it would only take a few days to download :)

Got my Syllable 0.6.7 image running in VMware, thanks to AdrianS for making the image available!


Awesome, Kaj!
Wish I had more time.  I'd love to play with Syllable.
R3 has been included in Syllable Desktop for a year and a half. Syllable Server ships with R2 and a collection of REBOL frameworks

I added Fork's preliminary R3 port of Red to the build system, with an overlay for Syllable Desktop so it can be experimented with there:

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