I'll try my linux key on a Windows machine and report what happens.
My Linux sdk license key does not work on Windows XP.
Interesting ...  my windows sdk license works with linux as I recall.  I bought both though.
I purchased and paid for the Linux and the Windows license keys at the same time and was sent two separate keys, one for each.

caelum: I sent Cindy a private message on our corporate AltME world because I know she checks that every day.  Hopefully, she'll get back to you soon.  She may be out of town tomorrow, though.  Waiting to hear back from her this evening.
Many thanks Bo.

I added the line 'system/schemes/ftp/passive: on' to a script and it seemed to work fine but when I encapped it I got an error:
** Script Error: Invalid path value: ftp
** Near: system/schemes/ftp/passive: on
dump-obj: func [
    "Returns a block of information about an object."
    obj [object!...
I'm encapping with enface
Never mind. I placed the line at the begining of script before including the sources...

A new SDK buyer facing the same inactivity by RT problem on topic  "No response from RT on Command SDK purchase???" Can you take care of the honours to inform Cindy, Bo?
I noticed just today that the R2 SDK is available for Macintosh (so it says on,  Does anyone know if it actually works?  I would think that a purchased version might be a little better than the free version, but I would hate to spend $250 to find out it doesn't.
I don't think it will be any better, just adding SDK tools.
@Arnold: Just forwarded the message from to Cindy about the Linux Command license.

Are the SDK's still online? seems to have died.
Arnold has been down for a couple of weeks now

hum... maybe Cindy should be alerted?
She has been. She said she talked to Carl about it the other night.

amacleod has been down quite a while now...this is bad. Carl has to give someone more active (less busy) access or release the site for someone else to manage.
Comments on the blog articles do not seem to be working either
Agreed. I'm working on it every time I see him (about once every month or two).
What's the best way to search a block of blocks for specific values. Is there a more efficient way other then looping through each block?
would key-value scheme make it easier?
Sorry wronk group

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