You are welcome, glad it helped.

can I get 2.7.8 SDK anywhere for Windows/Linux ?
I have working licenses.
I only have SDK 2.7.6
Unless there's some reason you *need* 2.7.8, best to stick with what works. CALL had some changes that might affect you.
Gregg, I haven't used CALL for anything in my current products.  My hope is that the versions of security / auth are best and matched with 2.7.8 View, but I don't really know, but my Command license unlocks all the View 2.7.8 Command-like features, so my prototype system I *hope* matches the same version of SDK.

Pretty sure that you have to pay to upgrade from 2.7.6 to 2.7.8
except the page that does the upgrade payments is 500
Graham Thanks!  I will send them a check if I can find the address.  I have bought everything REBOL has ever sold for money, I am pretty sure   0-o-o<   (the eFishAnt)
When you send the check, perhaps you could ask Carl to add UTC+13 to the Roku setup!

You can send the check to:
Cindy Sassenrath
245 E Perkins St
Ukiah, CA 95482
They are handling the license fees manually now. Make sure to include your contact info in case she has any questions.
This is really retro!  No email?  No paypal? How do people outside of the USA pay license fees?

GrahamC: Once I figure out from Cindy what is what, then we can figure out a way to accept payments via credit card/Bitcoin/etc.

I have a script that runs fine using RebCmdview but when I encapp with encmdview I get an error trying to send email ussing prot-ssend.r and prot-esmtp.r
Here is the error:
** Access Error: Invalid port spec: scheme ssl host either all port/proxy/type
= generic generic bp port/proxy/host port/proxy/host: none...
** Where: open-proto
** Near: smtp-port: open [scheme: 'ssmtp]
either only
Never mind. I was using encap helper script enlist.r and it was causing a problem.

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