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I can't commit to being the leader just now. I'm happy to help though.
I would write the structure as a dialect and sub-page generators from that. Each page would be a plain text file or a set of files which can be separately edited through a simple web interface.
I'll try to get back later, to pull other doc links from the #Red group. In the meantime, here is one:
I like the upper right link categories: API docs, Forum, Blog, White Papers.
Find something to emulate, whatever it may be. Learn from others who have done this before.
This is an interesting approach:
the Scala doc site seems pretty decent, as well:
Oldes: nice mashup!

We might have another good alternative option to the wiki (maybe easier and more flexible): use a github repo for all the    documentation pages in makedoc format, and have external export batch script to export them in HTML, PDF or whatever format.
I would be able to write most of the reference documentation, but would probably let the dictionnary be written by the community. The githun repo would allow for everyone to contribute while being filtered by one or several managers.
I would like to copy this extjs template component for documentation, with content in JSON format:
I guess it should be search-engines friendly.
BTW, this extjs template handles user comments also....Not sure we would need it as it is possible to add comments to github source code.
So storing the docs in source format in a DVCS repo would allow us to generate static web pages for the docs, avoiding   (potentially painful) tweaking and maintainance of a PHP-based wiki engine.
So, how does that option sounds to you?
Are you also thinking of serving the docs site(s) from github pages as well?
I like the sencha guide page OK, but I like better than the sencha API page. It seems like a better fit for Red/REBOL to me. Guess I'll really have to learn git now.
Now, where is that new version of altme that uses git for file sharing and just hides all the details...
AdrianS: Github Pages uses Markdown format, they have no support for makedoc.

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