Yes, the name means it will try and run red scripts as well

Graham, any other examples of apps built with this rebol dialect? rtying to get my head around what is possible.

amcleod, I've started a FAQ on how to use the Rebol JS API
Basically you have JS available to you from rebol and its limitations.  So, CORS stops you loading JS from sites that don't have CORS enabled, and you can write to local files.  Storage has to be web based database, or you could use cookies for session management.
This is for one page apps without using CGI.  If you choose to use CGI then you have more options.   Currently it doesn't very well on node.js so we're targetting the browser JS engine first.
sorry, you can not write to local files
So, basically you are writing normal rebol/renc code but your GUI is JS, and I/O has all JS limitations
If we could run on node.js then those latter issues are addressed since it's no longer blocked by browser security considerations
Note that this stuff runs on your phone so you can start to write phone apps

Not working... probably because I have not set the required flags, which I'm not going to do... even now Chrome is a devil's beast and I don't want to extend it. I prefer my tooling to be living close to me and don't need to download them from a server all the time.. but good luck with your efford.
That's ignorant oldes. You know you can just save everything locally.
You can either download the repo to your phone or PC.  I have even this script
if you don't want the sources.  And then grab the latest .wasm file off my S3 site.

Here's a chess demo
make sure your browser is setup correctly and supported by going here
Now either type
do <chess>
at the prompt, or go directly to my app by
you can clear the board using "clear", setup a new board by "start", show a position eg. type "ruy-lopez"
to move, use the move command.
Here's the opening sequence for the Ruy Lopez
move "e2-e4" move "e7-e5" move "g1-f3" move "b8-c6" move "c1-b5"
so the rebol words are functions that call a JS chess library to manipulate the dom

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