Just got to play with the demo. Super neat!

Now has pawn promotion, castling and en passant in my Rebol Javascript Wasm chess interpreter

I was installing R3 on a headless Armbian SBC called SOPine A64 Compute Module, and the standard steps didn't work. This is what I needed to do to get it to work:
dpkg --add-architecture armhf
apt update
apt install libc6:armhf libncurses5:armhf libstdc++6:armhf
apt install libxrandr2:armhf libfontconfig1:armhf
#not sure if the following line is needed
apt install libx11-6:armhf libxaw7:armhf libfreetype6:armhf
It turns out that all the above lines are needed.

Ren-c added ECDHE to its arsenal so we can now read those sites that only use ECDHE.
Since some of us have become somewhat disenchanted with the admin at Stackexchange we are looking to move our chat
This is a first pass of mine at a new rebol chat and if it looks familiar, it's because I've taken the CSS from stackoverflow!
Initially the idea is to get chat at the console, like the late rebdev chat which was never open sourced
So, currently I can register, post,  replyto and read messages.  Initial encryption uses gnuGPG as we still don't have server side https going.  The server is rebol httpd.
If it goes down frequently it will be because I'm adding new features and bugs
The web client will likely be a WASM based client which means I guess using GPG from JS.
Private messaging will require that you import the recipient's public certificate so that encrypted messages can be stored on the server until the recipient uplifts them.
And if it's excessively complicated .. then yes, it is lol

Code would be 1/4 the size and 1/10 as complicated if it weren't for edge cases and security!
But the chat looks good!
I've been considering doing a chat client for a while. Here are my wants:
- Able to be self hosted, which means it can also be hosted in the cloud.
- Messaging engine and data store is completely isolated from the interface so multiple interfaces can be developed for the same messaging engine and data store.
- Multiple message "worlds", each with their own groups, permissions, users, etc., but all can be active at the same time (sort of like Discord, but unlike AltME where only one world can be active at a time per instance of the AltME client).

So, 1. This is self hosted, on a google compute cloud instance, 2. we now have both console and web clients ( I can post from google chrome ) 3. that's easy enough as well.
the data is currently just stored in rebol objects on the file system at present because how it's stored is less important in the short term.
The browser interface downloads all messages locally and serves those so it acts as a proxy for the cloud server
So, there's a bit of a lag from posting to seeing your message but that just needs tweeking
Now, I'm going to look at adding rebol Wasm to the browser client so I can do more complex things in rebol rather than having to learn JS!

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