AltME: R3 Building and Porting


Thank you Kaj!!

running through compilation in msvc, I'm getting a few errors...   I've already fixed a few little details wrt VC vs GCC
one snag I currently have is that I'll have to rename the qsort function, cause msvc already seems to have one in its linkeage.
So you are trying to build the community version?
there doesnt' seem to be that many errors, a part for this qsort issue.
I thought that rename is not needed?
I'm currently looking into the qsort declaration within msvc... maybe I can use it directly instead.
What is the error you are getting?
And no, you certainly should not use the Microsoft-provided version, unless you want to keep the bugs it has
So, can you cite the error you are getting?
ok then... it seems like its part of the stdlib tree, so not much I can do to not include it..  we should just give it a new name within our codebase then. I checked and its only used  4 times in the complete code base... not a big issue to fix.
bug is 'qsort' : inconsistent dll linkage
basically a redecleration
I guess I'd just set    I_AM_QSORT_R   so that the ifdef in the code triggers and use qsort_r in the string! and block! code.
I guess  "qsort_r"   stands for qsort redefinition
ah no... its a different func spec... ignore that... I'll just change the qsort name to uc_qsort   (uc for university of california)
don't change the original source if possible, please
well, this is part of porting code to different compilers and toolchains.  for example, the   static inline   hints are different in msvc  nothing I can do there.  I added an #ifdef  setup for that with comments explaining why.
I'm not playing inside the algorithm.  but if the name of the function causes errors in the compiler, I can't just wish it to go away.

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