AltME: R3 Building and Porting


The gist of it, feature-wise:
- reboltech/mainline: baseline
- rebolsource/community: mainline + 64-bit
- saphirion: community + https + win32 view + bugfixes
- atronix: saphirion + linux view + udp + linux CALL + ffi + encap + more bugfixes
Another factor is immediate platform support:
- mainline and community come with a relatively large set of build target platforms
- saphirion currently has immediate build scripts for the big three (linux, osx, win32) and android
- atronix currently has immediate build scripts for linux and win32
Ah yes, of course: in the features above, add "android view" to saphirion:
append saphirion android-view
Were those sources included?
The sources to the Android View port have not been released so far, as far as I'm aware.
(not publicly)
Right, so the feature is not really there
There's a working APK you can download.
If that's sufficient or not for one to consider the feature to be there, is a personal decision.
Will they be in the Alliance version?
(I can't answer that; don't know.)
(Also: any omissions in the above list are purely due to me being forgetful or unaware. "rebolsource" is the only thing I can speak of with authority; the rest is purely my personal perspective. No misrepresentation of any of the above branches and their associated parties intended.)
It seems correct to me
Atronix has a complete serial implementation as well.
Thanks Josh; a big part of it due to your diligent work or integrating Carl's work. Shixin/Atronix extended it to Win32 and Linux support, if I'm not mistaken, right?
I extended Carl's posix work to Windows and Shixin added all the other features and changed it to asynchronous
and bugfixed
Carl's implementation wasn't asynchronous?
@andreas - very good overview, thx!
@maxim - yes, cairo seems a little bit slower but as kaj said, they improved speed and cairo offers also some additional backends like pdf and also hardware accelaration if available.
i just mentioned cairo as an example and perhaps usable backend later but AGG serves very well for 2D GUI so far.
I remember talking about using Cairo back when R3 alpha was just out and how it was rather big and did a lot of things that we don't need. Is that still the case?
Would you expect cairo be any smaller? I think not. The thing is, that it might be part of many systems, so you don't necessarily care ....

The good thing is one can switch agg to cairo(or any other 2d vector api) with relatively small effort even in the current R3 (I don't consider the abstraction code fully finished yet and plan to do some cool changes that give us blazing fast HW accelerated graphics).
In fact, it should be enough to implement   equivalent of host-draw-api-agg.cpp interface that wraps all the current DRAW commands. Could be quite some fun to do that :)

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