It's far from finished and building a good, tested, documented and feature rich GUI framework is something you should expect to take between 6 - 18 months of work. After 6 it's useable (that's what R3-GUI is now), after 12 you can start building apps on it and after 18 around 80% if it will be matured.
Hi Robert,
  thank you for the answer.
  I supposed R3-GUI was a complete product.
  Personally, I'll do what you suggest: I'll use it, read the code an the examples.
   It seems a good work and I don't see any reason for not adoping it.
Are you and your team available to help me/us navigate throught code/structures not so easy to understand to us ?
I can't promise, but just give it a try here.
Thanks. Here my first question:
On Github you have and
They have been updated on 2015 and 2016.
Who has the most updated content, Saphirion Site or Saphrion repository on GitHub ?

Good question. IMO it should be the same. But make a x-check by some samples and you will find out.
I'm not managing the GitHub part. It's Lad / Andreas. uses the stuff from our SVN repository. It uses live access to it. So every change we do there you will see.
So, could be LESS up to date than the R3View version we download from your site ?
I'll test all the other parts with x-change
Also, just for curiosity: is the REBGUI you use for your software more updated than thr one we could access on your site ?
So, any work I would like to do for documenting your version of REBGUI would be outdated and potentially lost....
Any chance you will publish it or is it a private/closed project ?

I can upload a newer version.
Thanks Robert, I see from the log there as been a LOT of work on your version.
I have downloaded rebogui.r from your site but there are no CR/LF.
My goal is to write some documentation either for your REBGUI and R3GUI but without being able to read the source code of the first it woul be a nightmare.
However, from the small parts I have already read, it seem you use windows fuctions directly and support multiple monitors too.

What are you viewing with Giuseppe? If may be just LFs, rather than CRLF.
Probably the longest one-line script in the rebol world actually ;-)
Usefull, but pretty unreadable
There should have been a problem during generation/upload of the script. Lets wait for Robert

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