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There's no functionality to request membership, as far as I know.
In any case, I added you.
thanks... its weird that there is no way to ask for board membership.
seems to defeat the purpose of social coding practices  :-)
Trello still has bugs

Yes can't connect to it at work, because it demands IE9 or higher or safari or chrome or firefox. None of those are any option. Sometimes I seriously doubt if all of these demands to the users system are really necessary.
Well, if you want to use 'web app'  which tries a bit to not  resemble just "HTML page" you have to always use the most updated browsers. I think this rule will hold for very long time :-)
You can use your Android, or better still, your IOS device to view Trello
For the moment at least we're pretty happy with it as a "collaboration" tool
Arnold, you do know about the Red trello board??
Yes, got a message there saying my browser was not supported and I should upgrade my bosses computer.
Same reason I do not develop for Red, because Github does not support Snow Leopard any more, and my Mac cannot go further and I do not buy a new mac for  github. And the command line I consider too much trouble to learn.
What does snow leopard have to do with github?
You can use GUI tools ... such as Git GUI
Github has a program for Mac for Lion and up
Github p*ssed me off, for when I was on Leopard, there was a program for Snow Leopard and I did upgrade then and then demands had been pushed up.
So, what is this then?
Did not know that program, I will give it a try soon. Thank you for the link Graham!
google is your friend
and enemy
I switched to use
for many searches, after Google was changed some time ago.

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