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Ok, off topic now ..  can move to ~Chit-chat or ~Humour  :)
Henrik, the package repositories for older Debian versions are still available, but you'll have to change the URLs.
They are on, so use a APT source like the following:
deb $RELEASE main contrib
(Replace $RELEASE with the codename of your Debian version.)
Yeah, too much work right now, but thanks, anyway. :-)
I'm just wondering (really, just that): is dev capacity (i.e. Cyphre GUI. other's on OSX, 64 bit) the limiting factor to accelerate in the short term? Or money?
Both, I guess.
We seem to have a somewhat limited dev pool to start with, and most of the people capable and willing to work on R3 are also tied up elsewhere (to make a living).
Maarten, from my point of view, it's dev capacity.
Yes, but say I'd poor in $1,000,000 today (hypothetically, I'm trying to understand what is needed to accelerate), compared to nothing. Assuming Android is  the first step (including encap and device access), when woud this be done with and without "unlimited money".
A constructive answer to "when would this be done" would require realistic planning based on more than a hypothetical offer.
Staying within the hypothetical realm, I think it's very fair to say that it would be possible to get it done sooner than without "unlimited money".
(That assessment is based on my view that there is quite a bit of capacity available which could work full-time on R3.)
Given money, one of the best uses for it would be to give core developers stability to commit, and then build the community, which, to me, means providing platforms and toolsets that people see as viable alternatives to other languages.
Yes, I'm trying to get a handle on "quite a bit capacity available". And then attach a pricetag to it to make it happen.
I would want R3 on Android with GUI, GPS, Camera support. And R3 64 bit Linux server side ("Core").
"encappable" of course. What do we need to make that happen in terms of development time? Then, how much money do we need fo rthat (nt all developers need to be paid full-time, some do it as hobby). Etc.
Do you see my point? For a target, we need to estbalish a time/money budget and ratio.
Yes, absolutely. Any good open source projects to use as a model? :-\
Because, if I set R3 for development against Scala/Lift/Akka in back ends, it's a long way.... Same on mobile: there's Livecode, Corona, all of them more mature. So if I treat R3 as an "investment" of sorts, the risk/reward ratio needs to be established
Look at the Scala ecosystem (Akka, Lift, Play). Rails. ...

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