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we got visitors .. anyone want to chat to them?
I really need to sleep
what's the boron version command
I don't think there is one. There's no system object
I have to update it manually in the HTML template
Although you could get it from starting the interpreter, or boron -h
ok, no command to test then thru the web
this is returning none
birthday: 4-Jul-1787
print now/year - birthday/year + pick [ 1 0 ] found? all [now/month >= birthday/month now/day >= birthday/day]
console gives me
>> print now/year - birthday/year + pick [ 1 0 ] found? all [now/month >= birthday/month now/day >= birthday/day]
did you mention the error anorton got, Graham?
with sum: func [a b] [ a + b ]
No .. that too.  define a function and do nothing with it .. gives an error
Kaj, can the Rebol you've got running behind TryRebol generate images programatically? i.e. are the appropriate graphics libs available to it? If not, would it be a problem to run one that is set up for this?
Graham, there seems to be an evaluation problem. I'll look into it
Adrian, in principle, Syllable Server is running Core. It is actually a Syllable Workstation installation, so it could run View. I don't remember if that could do images without X running
However, why would you need to generate images on Try REBOL? That sounds like something that is too heavy for what it's meant for
Kaj: IIRC, it is possible with /Pro of /Command with just X libs installed (no running X server).
OK, I would have guessed that, too
It would have to work with View, though
Kaj, it is just about showing people how easy it is to work with images. What I had in mind was to generate a small image (say a 'custom' avatar) with a few lines of Rebol, upload to or, and return the URL to the image to RebolBot. It seems possible from the brief experiment I did.

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