AltME: Ren - Data Exchange Format


It's almost mission impossible. Easiest then is to skip date and time, so users need to use strings. But this is probably not, what we see as a useful format coming from Rebol.
Good point, Gregg.
If we leave out date-time, we're not much better than JSON.
It's just "mission compromise".
But if REBOL, Red, and World all allow just hh:mm, we're incompatible
No perfect answers.
There won't be 100% compatibility anyway. No construction syntax, etc.
Gregg, "rather than just hoping it will be better"--don't misunderstand me, Trello is better than AltMe. Hands down. Works on mobile, syncs across multiple systems. Despite this not being single-threaded chat, it is still chat with most of the negatives you associate with SO Chat.
However, y'all seem unconcerned with opening the process beyond a private AltMe channel. Can't say I'm not disappointed and would request again that you reconsider.
What's the benefit Chris? As in "What's in it for me?", since altme is a very effective tool for me.
Assuming Trello as a for instance, you get an organised collaborative space that works across platforms, allows controlled access yet public viewing, has an api (Brett has an API script, I have some non-api scripts) where, for example, you could actually arrange and pull the specification itself. It allows for chat (via comments) but is geared more to the long view--ideas are not lost because they were missed in the chronology and collected information/reference can be placed in context. It also is accessible for those for whom AltMe is not a very effective tool.
+1 for Trello.
(+1 for AltME) I fail to see the benefit of public view if all discussing the topic are on AltMe, unless you really need to hold your handheld all day. What I see from the two Red Trelloooos I am not impressed.
About the hour and minutes and seconds, hh:mm vs mm:ss In this notation indeed the difference will not be determinable from data that is filled in the fields alone. But in practise there is an agreement about what is in the designated place and how the data must be interpreted. Else we have to come up with an alternative that will distinguish between 12:30 (hh:mm) and 12:30 (mm:ss).
So it's not designed for chat, which is an important collaborative element, is public and the system of record. Trello solves problems I don't have. However, point me to the best example on Trello for a use-case like this, and I'll re-evaluate. Red uses it, so I'm semi-familiar with the UI. Just need a good example to convince me it's worth the effort.
I should say is *my* current public site and *my* current system of record. Bolek has his stuff on Humanistic, and I don't mean to imply that I an Ren's owner.
It might be nice to have a per-type chat area, which we can do here as well. Heck, we could even set up a Ren world. ;-)
Arnold: "unless you really need to hold your handheld all day" -- or use a Mac.
And Trello on a tablet is a nice experience.
Gregg: I agree--chat is an important element. That's one reason I hesitate to suggest it. However, chat alone is a very poor way to collaboratively coalesce resources. Too much gets lost.
(and using AltMe again for this brief stint, I miss being able to edit posts, star posts, feeds and oneboxing)
At some point I will move my resources to github. I think that's better than Trello.

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