The first of april... aprils fools day!
Sorry to have spoiled it now for others. Oldes, you are the best sport of today, had the courage to post whereas the other 90 hits ... well don't have the guts to confess they fell for this prank.
Good job, Arnold!
Thank you Bo. The joke is on us. We owe Carl the chance to show what he wants with R4. But being rebolers we know it can take some time, and april first was early this year ;-)
Carl has recently agreed to have lunch with me anytime. I'm trying to figure out when that is. ;-p
BTW, Cindy dropped some hints months ago about Rebol4. She said Carl was hard at work on it, and it was going to eclipse previous versions in some respects.
Just talked to Cindy and tried to squeeze out some info. She said that Carl has been too busy with Roku to make any progress with the secret project.

That belonged in humour, but I understand why you put it here :)
(it was funny, cruel, but funny)
And useful because now we know more about R4.

BTW, I'm happy enough with R2 and R3 for now that I don't feel like I NEED R4. I'm looking forward to getting my feet wet with Red shortly, and I think Red will address most (if not all) areas where R2/R3 fall a little short.
Speaking from my position as the Director Of The Bureau Of Perpetual Beginners, and from my side job as Human Level Of Abstraction, I'm happy to use anything as long as it operates like R2, specifically, I can download one executable program and use it to run programs I have written with a text editor, complete programs that can access databases and make graphical interfaces.
Nice title Steve. :-)
I think we have enough REBOL-like interpreters now. I just want one that is as complete as R2, is open source and has bugs fixed.
REBOL has become like Linux: there are plenty to choose from, but there is never one that does everything you need
And the ones that get maintained are moving only in directions you are not waiting for.
My biggest thing about this R4 is that Carl will be reinventing the wheel in a different way again. Where we already have a car but need a roof against sun and rain windows to looks through and protect us from flies stones and the weather in general, we need raintyres not to slip on the wet roads etc
On the other hand, I do remember the project Contra, aka Rebol2. It took Carl to rewrite Rebol 1 few months, delivering, smaller, faster and much more complete package (networking, parse)
Okay, but two other things are now playing. First Carl has a job at Roku (I don't know if it is full-time) and how about the investors of R2 and (possible) reuse of code even if created new by Carl.
I rather would see Carl joining Red team in his free time, advising the new R4 way
not a single world against that, but we all know Carl - he is a solist, likes to work in isolation, etc. And yes, Roku job seems to be a full time job, so works against him. I think that Carl is mostly developing it for his own home automatition reasons and pure joy.

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