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Draw Dialect Documentation
New Draw Dialect documentation at Rebol HQ.
"The Rebol/View graphics system was designed for displaying user interfaces and presentations on computers, kiosks, and television sets. The system was optimized for combining multiple graphical elements such as images, text, buttons, area, and effects. Although it was not intended for low level graphics, such as rendering bitmaps, lines, or polygons, it is capable of drawing basic shapes with a variety of attributes." more...

For other examples of the Draw dialect, check out Easy Draw in the docs folder on the Rebol/View desktop.

In the Rebol world

Rebol SDK (beta)
A new package for developers that includes /Base, /Face, /Encap, prebol 2.0 (preprocessor), installer (you can now make custom self-installing programs), and source code to Rebol source-based modules, including protocols, network modules, view modules (including the source code to VID), and more.
AltME debuts
AltME (Alternative Messaging Environment) is the next generation of instant messenger that runs entirely on your own computer. There are no central servers, so all users, all messages, and all activities are kept private. You have full control. It may look familiar to those of you using IOS. It is being built backward from IOS. Starting with just a very simple and clean messaging system, sort of like IRC (New features will be added over time). This is intended for the mass market. Almost no learning curve. Download, enter password and start using. To join the Rebol world login: guest, pass: guest, and request a login by providing your name and email address in the Accounts group.
PRebol: Rebol Language Preprocessor
The official Rebol preprocessor. Combines multiple source or data files into a single Rebol output file.
Includes the full power of Rebol, allowing you to evaluate any Rebol expression during processing. Allows merging of code, data, images, sound and other types of files. Supports conditional expressions, such as conditional including of files. The output is a reduced Rebol source file with extra spacing, comments, and include file headers removed. Processing is recursive, so included files can themselves contain commands to process. Very powerful.
FLASH Dialect
Rebol Flash Dialect project by Oldes. Create Flash files directly from Rebol. This project is one of the best examples of the power of dialecting in Rebol. Now includes Flash MX examples
reboLDAP: {The Rebol LDAP Project.}
The main goal of the reboLDAP project is to promote and develop software tools and support for LDAP - utilizing the Rebol language.
rebXR is a full client/server XML-RPC implementation for Rebol by Andreas Bolka.
Interview with Carl Sassenrath
Rebol Technologies CTO and founder talks to OSNews about the Rebol Internet Operating System.
Introducing the Rebol Internet Operating System... First there was email, then the web, then instant messenging. Now there is Rebol/IOS... IOS lets people work together in real-time from anywhere in the world. It transforms physically separated groups into productive, unified teams by providing a direct, secure, and responsive environment for collaboration and sharing
Rugby: The Rebol request broker
Rugby is a request broker completely written in Rebol. It does all things you can do with SOAP like technology, plus many more... You can use it to build Internet services in an afternoon, or write distributed applications such as file sharing, chatting, etc. Rugby will help you to do this in an extremely short timeframe
Words, Aliases, Contexts, Visualizations, Bindings and Scope in Rebol.
Ladislav's legendary documentation of Rebol contexts.
Rebol and XML
Gavin has been working on some excellent enhancements/extensions for XML use from Rebol.
xml-parse.r - improves upon the XML compliancy of Rebol's built-in XML parsing functionality
xml-object.r - creates a function "xml-to-object" that converts a series of nested blocks, into a series of nested objects.
Vanilla flavoured Rebol
Chris Langreiter's Rebol powered Vanilla is a simple hypertext system, essentially a cross between a WikiClone and a weblogging system. Its potential uses, however, are unlimited. It is currently used as department-level/small-company Content Management System, project group communication tool, base for Intranets, idea interconnector, Knowledge Management system, contact database etc.
Robert Muench has improved/extended the original make-doc from Carl Sassenrath. make-doc-pro provides a portable, easy-to-edit format for all kind of documents. The program was designed to convert a simple text formatted file into HTML or other document formats (such as PDF or Rebol/View). The beauty of the format is that the text documents are quick to write and are very readable. (many parts of the rebolforces site are formatted using make-doc)
Rebol/IOS Nominated for a Webby!
Rebol is honored with international online community's top accolade. Hailed by The Wall Street Journal as a celebration of "sites that pave important paths to the Internet's next phase," The Webby Awards are determined by the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences.
Vote for Rebol — People's Voice
Rebol Shines
Rebol dialecting comes to the fore with GLASS. An alternative GUI dialect to VID. Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch's GLASS dialect is designed to create and handle highly dynamic graphical user interfaces. [Yes Maxim is back!]

Rebol Forums

Rebol Forums
Forums added. Stefan Falk's excellent Forum scripts have been put to work here at Rebolforces. Simply sign in to use them.
[Index] [General Discussion] [Beginners] [Rebol/Core] [Rebol/View] [Rebol/Command] [Bug Reports] [LDC DEV]


Rebol/Zine tips, tricks, editorials about Rebol. In the first issue: A day in the life of Rebol, a nifty mouse trap, http tips & tricks, loopy house, mbox filters and more...
[Index] [Issue 1] [Issue 2] [Issue 3] [Issue 4] [Issue 5] [Issue 6]

Digging back into Rebol past

Rebol Shoebox
Old letters, transcripts, faqs, etc. provide some insight into the background and origin of Carl and Rebol Technologies.

Other Articles

Simple Content Management
Simple content management using Rebol by Chris Ross-Gill. ("A List Apart" web site)
A nice juicy Pair!
By Gregg Irwin. Gregg explores the Pair! data type. An informative beginners article from a beginners perspective.
[Part 1] [Part 2]
Building a Server Engine
by Maarten Koopmans. If you want to start using Rebol for server applications, you may consider building a server engine for all network communications. In this article Maarten describes the HIgh Performance Engine of Rugby (HIPE).
Iteration, Algebra, and Objects
by Joel Neely. Second in a series of informative articles to flex our programming muscles. The series explores some techniques for incrementally refactoring Rebol scripts, and illustrates the power of the refactoring approach to program development.
[Recursion, Iteration, and Algebra] [Iteration, Algebra, and Objects]
Metaphors: Bridges and Barriers.
by Joel Neely. As programmers, we understand the value of a good metaphor. But what is a good metaphor? Joel introduces us to the good, the bad and the ugly..
Compression Techniques
By Ole Friis. Although Rebol has compression & decompression built in, sometimes it is more fun or enlightening to write our own.
[Huffman encoding in Rebol (revised)] [Move-to-Front encoding] [Burrows-Wheeler transform] [The needed glue] [Finished program] [Discussions]
Writing your own Protocol Handler
By Jeff Kreis. One of the attractions of Rebol is all the built-in internet protocols, from http to smtp and everything in between, they make dealing with most things as simple as dealing with a series. We aren't limited to the myriad of built-in protocol handlers, we can also roll our own. Jeff's article covers the basics & concepts needed for writing custom protocols in Rebol.
Rebol & the Shell
By Jeff Kreis. Introduction to Rebol, with a focus on the shell. Packed with useful Rebol one-liners.
Series from the Ground Up
By Ladislav Mecir. Everything you wanted to know about Series, but were afraid to ask. Join Ladislav as he takes us on a guided tour of Series!
TUI Dialect
By Ingo Hohmann. Ingo takes us through dialect creation. The TUI dialect takes control of text positioning in the console
View FAQ
By Allen Kamp. FAQ on View and VID.

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