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Official Sites

Rebol Technologies
The home of Rebol
Rebol Books
Eight Inc.
Rebol Consulting

Rebol Programming

Code Conscious
Q & A from Rebol list and Tutorials. Very Good.
Rebol is extremely popular in France. This is a superb Rebol site in French, with articles and forums.
Rebol ORG
Script Library, zine, news-group archive. Some scripts there are getting stale.
List of Rebol Friendly hosts.
Buy and Sell Rebol scripts and components
Large searchable collection of scripts. Also has a Rebol/View front-end.
TUCOWS Tutorial
Rebol tutorial.
TUCOWS Rebol script Library
Rebol scripts library. Scripts are rated. Good quality scripts.

Rebol Articles

Rebol Bots
by Carl Sassenrath. Introduces Rebol with a few bots and agent scripts. Sept 1999
Rebol Scripting Language
by Carl Sassenrath This article is available for purchase from Dr Dobbs. July 2000 Distributed Computing Issue
Rebol rolls forward
by Cameron Laird and Kathryn Soraiz. Overview of Rebol as it hits its 3rd year. Sept 2000
Program with Rebol, naturally
by Mahesh Shantaram. Introductory article.
A Rebol Incursion
by Nora Mikes. Rebol is more than just another scripting language. Oct 1999

Interviews & Press

Rebol Technologies
Rebol Technologies News & Updates Page