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Nevermind. I was able to test another query which works, so all is well there. Thanks Doc, once again!
The failing query was a data migration issue, just FYI.
I just upgraded local ubutu and I made the rebol work with ia32-libs again, now rebol mysql client is givin me auth error
Gregg: what did you say you did to make it work? what did you move to 4.1 the mysql server or something else?
Janko: if you're using a newer MySQL version, you need my 4.1 driver.
aha, I hoped he meant that :) , but I only found 1.2.1 on your website
I am looking at this page (google doesn't find me any ohter, I think)
It's not an official release yet...I wish I had time to finish it...:-/
IIRC, it was missing some minor feature support from the protocol and good new test cases...
well if it works for what I need it it's ok with me (I just use mysql for user db so it's rather simple). I found mention of it here now is this the latest version you have?
Yes, the link from the blog entry is the right one too.
thanks! I will try it ... otherwise I will reinstall mysq 5.1
Ah right (reading the blog article reminded me a few things), the multiple results reading + stored proc needed more tests.
I've been relying on 4.1 for a long time now. No problems so far. Thanks Doc.
You're welcome.

I've also been using it for a very long time. Sadly, not a lot testing with multiple result sets as we don't use this on production, so i can't use multiple result sets. :( it did work correctly with simple tests.

Thought I'd share this in case anyone found it useful (or had any suggestions/criticisms).  First part is a description in REBOL of a database schema (sample here: ), second part is a function that generates the MySQL code to create the database/tables. I'd like to add functions to analyse database schemas against my REBOL schema and create 'ALTER' statements as necessary.  All in good time...
Definitely a work in progress, but has saved me some time.
Did you port WITH from Red/System? ;-)

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