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IIRC, it was missing some minor feature support from the protocol and good new test cases...
well if it works for what I need it it's ok with me (I just use mysql for user db so it's rather simple). I found mention of it here now is this the latest version you have?
Yes, the link from the blog entry is the right one too.
thanks! I will try it ... otherwise I will reinstall mysq 5.1
Ah right (reading the blog article reminded me a few things), the multiple results reading + stored proc needed more tests.
I've been relying on 4.1 for a long time now. No problems so far. Thanks Doc.
You're welcome.

I've also been using it for a very long time. Sadly, not a lot testing with multiple result sets as we don't use this on production, so i can't use multiple result sets. :( it did work correctly with simple tests.

Thought I'd share this in case anyone found it useful (or had any suggestions/criticisms).  First part is a description in REBOL of a database schema (sample here: ), second part is a function that generates the MySQL code to create the database/tables. I'd like to add functions to analyse database schemas against my REBOL schema and create 'ALTER' statements as necessary.  All in good time...
Definitely a work in progress, but has saved me some time.
Did you port WITH from Red/System? ;-)
No, just an old QM function : )
Ah, I remember now
Erk, fixed a couple other dependencies, d'oh!

Very nice work Chris.  It would be nice to have that for MS-SQL too.
By the looks of it (I've not used MS SQL) it wouldn't be too different. Same for Sqlite. Just a matter of hacking to include the most appropriate datatypes.
Of course, that's only for the 'create statement. I imagine detecting differences in schemas between SQL dialects might be more nuanced. But then I haven't got that far with any dialect of SQL, so...

guys , i have one project (crossword )which uses mysql database! i want use mysql driver ,i know how  we can create table and make connectivity with database !  crossword should show on web page ,and when user put characters in each field ,then press button ,it will chek with database and if it is correct ,user can continue otherwise shows error message ....i created crossword table with cgi and is working on web ,i have created database as well,now my problem is i do not know how can i fetch data and comparing with database? is there anybody for helping my mini project????
i need only simple example of that ...plz help me if you can ... i do not have time :( ...i am very begginer in rebol
Show what you have got so far, may be you are close.

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