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>> probe as-string #{
{    FF6A04486F737420273132372E302E302E3127206973206E6F7420616C6C6F77
{    656420746F20636F6E6E65637420746F2074686973204D7953514C2073657276
{    6572
{    }
{ÿj^DHost '' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server}
== {ÿj^DHost '' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server}
Easier when you know you can do that :-)
Thanks, need to investigate that now.
OK, I changed the 'locals-class object! prototype to have an empty block for 'capabilities, and know I get :
Net-log: ["Opening" "tcp" "for" "MySQL"]
connecting to: localhost
Net-log: "low level read of 4 bytes"
Net-log: "low level read of 66 bytes"
** User Error: ERROR 1130 : Host '' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server
** Near: p: open mysql://user:1Cuqb!40@localhost/adgo-cmde
Looks better.
I don't know if it need to be corrected in your protocol implementation. Sure there is something that do not goes as expected if the 'capabilities word is not set to a block! at this time.
I just pushed my MySQL and Pgsql drivers on Github, feel free to post PRs for fixes/improvements:
PR done :-)
Now, any idea about the problem ? Because the "user" user is the one used by phpMyAdmin to manage the DB and it works form there !
I haven't touch MySQL since 7 years. From what I remember, it has to do with the access permissions table (`user` and `host` tables?).
Seems to. Maybe related to this :
"Combine dlo's answer with Darren Chamberlain's. The reason for this is that the special meaning that 'localhost' has in MySQL is that it signifies to use the local unix socket (mysql.sock) vs the TCP socket. This is why specifying as the host will get you in so that you can fix the situation; it signifies to the MySQL client to use the TCP socket."
Nop. Localhost or, same error result.
There's a table for giving permissions to (user, IP) couples, I think it is `host` or `hosts`, you should check that.
Yes. it's related. I use PLESK to manage the server, so I changed the "user" config to allow acces from any host (was only from localhost). No I get :
** User Error: ERROR 1045 : Access denied for user ''@'' (using password: NO)
** Near: p: open [scheme: 'mysql username: "user" password: "v6lvZ6&8" host: "" port-id: 3306 target: "adgo-cmde"]
OUPS, my bad. Its "user:" not "username:".
You should have an entry in that table for: "user" | "".
Need more investigations. I have exactly the same entry on this mysql server than another. But the other is older v5.5.49.

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