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End user downloads X's app/uses your
End user X downloads Y's app/uses Y's web site; X tries to access a function that uses your site; Y requests a temp key from you; Y directs X to your site with temp key, X says Y is OK, you give X a PIN; X goes back to Y, enters PIN; Y requests the permanent key from you.  Y can now do anything on your site on behalf of X.
Nothing to it : )

any tip for some session related function-set for REBOL CGI purposes? I am looking for the case, where Cheyenne is not an option, and need some simple stuff for sessions ....
acgiss.r from an option?

Do we have anyone here that is knowledgeable / an expert in online markting?
I am not an expert but I have a lot of experience and also theory about various aspects of it because of making my apps grow (and helping some others)
"Is Nginx obsolete now that we have Amazon CloudFront?"

Don't quite understand what is going on here .. have to read the cloud front docs
Can you trust the cloud? Not in the sense of reliability.
I trust the clouddate being watched over, and more I trust it a 100% being watched or even analysed.
Some things I just take as is without proof, like the earth to be a flat disc ;)
Yes, it's obvius. Frankly it depends on what data you want to "share". I like google documents for storing files to edit when I travel ,not very important documents. For example: if you would plan a kamikaze attack or write a personal diary on your sexual orientation, I didn't suggest you to use google documents.

It seems to me that under Red, one marvelous tool which could be created would be similar this new one - which I just discovered ... at least with my not too long vision  - based on the Cheyenne HTTP server, it seems it could be realized using a similar approach, to begin with ...   - Also available on Github for those interested to look at the code (may be Topaz friends - sinc it is base entirely on Javascript).
Could not JS everywhere someday be replaced by Red everywhere - or some derived fork ?
Yes; they have a good model, but it's all ugly web technologies

I agree but what else could be used - something built aroud the JVM - may be ? It must be a bit like Carl's REBOL based vision, isn't it ? Entirely self contained to be deployed anywhere but written once ...
Now it could be Red based instead ;-)
Yes, all true. I've long been working on a system with roughly that model, but we only use it internally so far
Nice, do you use some GUI for the output, kind of VId I suppose ?
Or do you send the output to some esternal receiver using messages  protocols ?
But then how do you catch the input if it not already part of your own system ?

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