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I already use altjson.r and altwebform.r to access Webservice as client. I also have curl.r and rest-curl.r.
Maybe Chris has some advice to help me? ;-)

If you will consume a webservice using R2 as a client, remember that R2 cannot make requests to most of modern servers because of the SSL issues.
>> read
connecting to:
** Command Error: SSL Error:  error:14077410:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:sslv3 alert handshake failure
So using cURL is a better option (or R3 or Red)

yes. but in my case, it will be the server!

QuarterMaster still works (R2), but I'm afraid other than a couple of examples, asking me is probably your best bet for documentation.
Three examples of QM sites are here:
Though this doesn't include examples of use with MySQL (don't know if you're planning to use a database).

What I want to do is code the server part of a Webservice. Probably REST one (seems simpler than SOAP).
I already have a site runs by R2 as CGI (with Magic from Olivier Auverlot as the base framework). MySql is the database.
There is a backoffice application running under Windows made with Windev.
Windev includes command for using REST webservices.
What I want is to code the client part in Windev and the server part with Rebol.
Does QM includes things for that ?

I have solved all of that.
But now, I need to interface my website with payment. That means HMAC digest and so on. R2 does not include the  ciphering I need.
I can't find any bindings for openssl library ! Does anybody has seen/done things like that ?
I think it's saffer than calling openssl command.

But R2 doesn't have sha256 whereas Ren-c does
I needed the hmac-256 for some amazon stuff

"But R2 doesn't have SHA256" so is my problem ;-)
Anyway thanks for the tips.

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