Have you tried changing the title from the resources section of the executable?
yeah, but that didn't work... what I ended up doing is a text search/replace in the exe and that worked  ( just make sure you replace by the same number of bytes ;'-)
I remember doing the same hack a long time ago too. ;-)
Changing the resources did fix the highlights when hoving over the icon in the task bar and when looking at the apps properties.
using ResHacker to automate the process in my build engine.
I used to use the Windows API to change the title bar in free releases of R2.  You should be able to use this code to change the title bar of the console too:
I also once made an AutoIT script to manage these sorts of things.  An old version of AutoIT had a tiny .dll which I'd include as binary encrypted data in my Rebol script, write it to disk, and then access it using Rebol's shared library interface:
I have similar functions, its called set-console-title.  and position-console-window.    the above requires the window to already be open... my problem is that  the console opens up as part of an encap error. at that point rebol script is not running anymore...  :-(
The AutoIT script can run on it's own...
Yes, the only way is to use WinAPI but in some cases it makes your script crashes. So be careful.

I made a minimal AutoIT binding for R2 at one point. It's a great way to control MS Windows. However, ideally it would have more ability to read the current state of the UI to make it easier to automate in a reliable manner.

can anyone tell me where the license file is supposed to be on linux?  rebpro keeps complaining that license key is missing.
I've put it in my home and in the cwd where I'm starting rebpro from... strange.
>> exists? %license.key
== true
' 8-/
Perhaps .rebol/ ?
I think its the license itself.  Looks like its keyed to the platform.
I was certain I had a linux version of the license.  maybe not.

I had a similar problem before. I was using the wrong license file.
hi guys.   Since its not obvious I can still purchase a license of the SDK, I'm wondering if someone can share his Linux license with me.
I've got to encap stuff for Linux and it seems my SDK license doesn't work on linux.
Private Message me, if you've got a license you can lend me... thanks!!!

@Maxim For "encap stuff for Linux" you mean build a self-extracting executable or something more complex?

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