The AutoIT script can run on it's own...
Yes, the only way is to use WinAPI but in some cases it makes your script crashes. So be careful.

I made a minimal AutoIT binding for R2 at one point. It's a great way to control MS Windows. However, ideally it would have more ability to read the current state of the UI to make it easier to automate in a reliable manner.

can anyone tell me where the license file is supposed to be on linux?  rebpro keeps complaining that license key is missing.
I've put it in my home and in the cwd where I'm starting rebpro from... strange.
>> exists? %license.key
== true
' 8-/
Perhaps .rebol/ ?
I think its the license itself.  Looks like its keyed to the platform.
I was certain I had a linux version of the license.  maybe not.

I had a similar problem before. I was using the wrong license file.
hi guys.   Since its not obvious I can still purchase a license of the SDK, I'm wondering if someone can share his Linux license with me.
I've got to encap stuff for Linux and it seems my SDK license doesn't work on linux.
Private Message me, if you've got a license you can lend me... thanks!!!

@Maxim For "encap stuff for Linux" you mean build a self-extracting executable or something more complex?

I need to encap some of my server software on linux.

If someone is interested in a rebol-red/system program that does on Linux what XPackerX does on Windows, let me know.  I am not releasing it to the public since the code is not  "clean" and probably you have to tweak it a little.

Marco, I'd love to see that.

I think I have an old version of the sdk. I see on the website a new version including command came out in 2010...I can't believe I never noticed this but I just tried packaged script that reads an htttps page which errors out. I assume that https was added to sdk at that time because current rebol view runs script fine.
Any way to get this sdk as the links are dead.
Also, it says the upgrade is free for those that purchased sdk within the year which I believe is my case...think that still is valid?

everything related to the SDK seems to be dead.  I wish Carl just posted a public key with a download page for each supported platform.  they are getting outdated anyways, so they're not as cutting edge as they used to be.
The king is dead, long live the king?

It's been a real long time since I've compiled anything but for some reason my latest script and even older scripts produce this error when I click on the .exe file. Any ideas?
** Script Error: Cannot use path on none! value
** Where: insert-event-func
** Near: insert system/view/screen-face/feel/event-funcs :funct
** Press enter to quit...
The weirdness is that I have .exe files that I encapped previously that work perfectlt but when I tried to check to see if I encap them again,  they produce this error.

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