AltME: R3 Building and Porting


I've had troubles too.   a few notes:
-the rebol scripts in the current community distro do not work properly with saphirion'ts latest build... something to do with the use of 'FUNCTION vs 'FUNC .   I've had to edit at least one script.
-the CreateProcess error is due to local dir handling which is pretty screwed up, if you launch the make from a windows prompt. either create a batch file which does a CD first or use the -C option in make to tell make to change directory internally before interpreting the make file.
if you haven't done so, you might also want to add the msys package and make sure you've got a folder in your PATH environment which points to a folder with a proper  make.exe  (not the mingw_make) function.
yes, something wrong with paths. If I use : make TOOLS=c:/minGW/bin/ it starts but complains about not finding a .dll so now how I can I tell it to search for it in that dir? or How can I make a folder in my PATH environment which points to a folder with a proper make.exe?
I surrender so I tried to copy ALL  lib*.dll in c:/minGW/bin to c:/minGW/bin/msys/1.0/bin and it worked !!
So to summerize it if you have Win7:
Follow hostilefork instructions but:
- download R3-*-console.exe from  and use it as r3-make.exe
- copy ALL lib*.dll from c:/minGW/bin to c:/minGW/bin/msys/1.0/bin
- as the last command use $ make TOOLS=c:/minGW/bin/
good luck! Tell me if you find a shorter/simpler way.

Max, are you up and running on MSVC?
not quite... running around on three projects... a lot of analysis on stone in the last few days.

Any QT + R3 integration going on?
I would prefer VID + R3
Why then ask for QT? And, no not that I know about.
Did you try R3-GUI?
I was for a short time, I will look again...thanks Robert.  and happy New Year!
eFishAnt, have you tried Marco's ?  It lets you run many R2 VID layouts directly in R3.  You need to use it.

Thanks I wll do some other experiments.

Hi, I try to make R3 in Windows 8.1 and get this error:
c:/mingw/bin/../lib/gcc/mingw32/4.7.2/../../../../mingw32/bin/ld.exe: objs/agg_g
raphics.o: bad reloc address 0xc in section `.rdata$_ZTVN3agg33gradient_polymorp
collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make[1]: *** [r3-view-host] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/d/work/saphir-master/make'
make: *** [all] Error 2
Any ideas what's wrong?

Never mind.
I thought the Github sources are the bleeding edge of R3 sources, but that does not seem the case.
Just wanted to get the latest build of R3.
The build on Saphirion website is:
   version         tuple!
   build           date!     28-Jun-2013/16:18:18
Is there a newer one available?
Arie: the latest public builds of R3/Saphir are always here:
( latest public builds =  'official' builds made by Saphirion)

I've downloaded the zip archive today from Saphirion/Saphir and tried to build with MSYS.
I get r3.dll and r3-core-host.exe built OK. But didn't compiled r3-view-host.exe OK, here is the error I get:
gcc -o r3-view-host.exe objs/host-main.o objs/host-core.o objs/host-args.o objs/host-device.o objs/host-stdio.o objs/dev-net.o objs/dev-dns.o objs/host-lib.o objs/dev-stdio.o objs/dev-file.o objs/dev-event.o objs/dev-clipboard.o objs/lodepng.o objs/rc4.o objs/aes.o objs/bigint.o objs/rsa.o objs/dh.o
objs/host-view.o objs/host-window.o objs/host-graphics.o objs/host-draw.o objs/host-draw-api.o objs/host-text.o objs/host-text-api.o objs/host-compositor.o objs/host-event.o r3.dll -L. -static-libgcc -lm -lwsock32 -lcomdlg32 -lgdi32 -lmsimg32 -lstdc++ -liphlpapi -Wl,--stack=4194300 -mwindows objs/a
gg_arc.o objs/agg_arrowhead.o objs/agg_bezier_arc.o objs/agg_bspline.o objs/agg_curves.o objs/agg_image_filters.o objs/agg_line_aa_basics.o objs/agg_path_storage.o objs/agg_rasterizer_scanline_aa.o objs/agg_rounded_rect.o objs/agg_sqrt_tables.o objs/agg_trans_affine.o objs/agg_trans_single_path.o ob
js/agg_vcgen_bspline.o objs/agg_vcgen_contour.o objs/agg_vcgen_dash.o objs/agg_vcgen_markers_term.o objs/agg_vcgen_smooth_poly1.o objs/agg_vcgen_stroke.o objs/agg_vpgen_segmentator.o objs/agg_graphics.o objs/agg_font_win32_tt.o objs/agg_truetype_text.o
objs/agg_graphics.o:agg_graphics.cpp:(.text+0x3610): undefined reference to `std::terminate()'
objs/agg_graphics.o:agg_graphics.cpp:(.rdata$_ZTIN3agg33gradient_polymorphic_wrapper_baseE[__ZTIN3agg33gradient_polymorphic_wrapper_baseE]+0x0): undefined reference to `vtable for __cxxabiv1::__class_type_info'
c:/mingw/bin/../lib/gcc/mingw32/4.8.1/../../../../mingw32/bin/ld.exe: objs/agg_graphics.o: bad reloc address 0x0 in section `.rdata$_ZTIN3agg33gradient_polymorphic_wrapper_baseE[__ZTIN3agg33gradient_polymorphic_wrapper_baseE]'
collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make[1]: *** [r3-view-host] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/c/persokeyfull/rebol3/saphir-master/saphir-master/make'
make: *** [all] Error 2

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