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Has anyone ever tried to re-activate / port Rebol Services to R3?
I liked it a lot but lost track about its state and which problems and things are still open.
R3 chat is based on a successor
So the design is still in limbo and the code missing in action
I use 0MQ instead
Is the R3 chat service stuff published and documented a bit?
R3 Chat is imo in no way a successor. When I talked to Carl, he wanted to rewrite Rebol/Services to eventuallly simplify some concepts, etc.

Yes, and he did that in R3 Chat. He said the interface collapsed in such a way that he didn't think tthe REBOL/Services concept was needed anymore
The chat client code is available because it is downloaded, but as far as I know, the server was never published
Carl's ideas were all in flux, so there is no documentation, either
I know it was ask to him several times, but it would be cool to ask again : "please, can you give us the server code !"
Other than that, Rebol/Services section is still available -
hmm, abbreviating Rebol/Services to R/S now clashes with how we refer to Red/System :-)
Thanks. This sounds like a lot of reverse engineering and doing it once again.

I feel sad everytime this simple things are broken. There is no more service.r available :-(
Even the client download is dead link.
GrahamC, How can I used https and post using prot-http.r3
how do I pass the parameters? it doesn't accept read/custom

Programmers do not write documentation !
I just want to know how to refine the 'read command using prot-http.r3.
using R2. I just use read/custom ['post "field1"  "valuefield1" ]
this is not working with prot-http.r3.   it really works https scheme, using read ,  but I need to post data, and GET is the default method. I just want to use the POST. Any tips?

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