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AltJSON v0.3.6.1 for Red
JSON decoder/encoder for Red--features copied from Rebol 2 version.
- Converts object (map) keys to words where compatible, strings otherwise
- Decodes large integers as issues (for e.g. Twitter IDs)
- Encodes dates as RFC3339
- Support for surrogate pairs (decoding/encoding characters higher than the BMP as ascii)
- 'Flat' mode for parsing, duplicate keys
- Contracts Flickr's '_content' objects
AltJSON v0.3.6.1 for Red

Rebol Forces Archive
Located and rebuilt the articles from Rebol Forces. For historical and informational reasons mainly.

Lately at work I have had to do much dissecting and assembling of spreadsheets, as well as cleaning up things accumulated over the years.  Learning from previous experience, any time I find any code that could possibly by used in the future, I try to encapsulate it into a module or function.  Then I produce a version sanitized of any employer-specific data and put it on a little web site in case it might be of use to others.  With today's batch of uploads, I have hit the small milestone of 100 little programs.  Most are extremely simple, and extremely specialized.  It is sort of like the rebol-dot-org script library but much simpler, maybe more useful to beginners.  It does show, like Nick's tutorials show, the value of being able to program one's own computer.  The scripts are in the "free stuff" area of

There's a new download of Ren Garden as mentioned here
It's a QT app which runs a QTextEdit widget as a console and links to the Rebol evaluator, and the C++ API. You can setup watch points to see changes in values in your code for debugging purposes.  So, you could run this when debugging your r3/ren-c code.

- Added:
- Fixed:
    help text for munge and load-dsv
    latin1-to-utf8 R3 to string! bug
- Enhanced
    load-dsv and munge now LIST their output
    load-dsv and munge now allow literals in /part
    load-dsv now has a /compact refinement
    load-dsv and distinct performance improved
- Updated

Sorry... bad channel :(

Most people have already seen this, but since nobody else posted it here, I will:
The Red team released a first alpha of their RED Wallet, a tiny, simple, fast and secure cryptocurrency wallet for ETH and BTC.

- Removed:
    renc support
    /lines from read-string (use deline/lines instead)
    /compact from load-dsv
    /preserve from load-dsv
- Added:
- Fixed:
    split-line bug
    write-dsv bug
    load-dsv bug
    to-string-time now returns "HH:MM:SS"
    put returns value
    latin1-to-utf8 handles split strings correctly
    load-dsv/part/flat formats data correctly
- Enhanced
    Added /map to sqlcmd
    Added /flat to load-dsv, load-excel and load-fixed
    load-fixed now auto detects widths
    read-string with large files about 10-15x faster
    load-dsv about 3x faster
    rows? faster
    Added /flat to list
    write-excel now uses archive instead of 7z

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